Dota Imba 3.90. Ai.95 BETTER 🔆

Dota Imba 3.90. Ai.95 BETTER 🔆


Dota Imba 3.90. Ai.95 BETTER 🔆


Dota Imba 3.90. Ai.95



Dota Imba 3.90. Ai.95 is a free launcher from Wonder How To Download Dota 3.90. Ai.95. This program has been tested and is 100% clean and safe. No viruses, adware, spyware or malware found!

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Form is not submitting in Controller laravel 5.8

I am trying to make a simple website which allows users to place an order. It used to work fine when i was building it on a local server. Now that i have uploaded it to my hosting site it gives me the following errors on the shopping cart controller:

$cart_item = new CartItem();
$cart_item->cart_id = $_GET[‘id’];
$cart_item->product_id = $_GET[‘product-id’];
$cart_item->user_id = Auth::user()->id;
$cart_item->quantity = $_GET[‘quantity’];
$cart_item->product_price = $_GET[‘price’];