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controversial acts of abrogation of the Constitution of India
See published order’s findings of fact and conclusions of law concerning the matter rem. on unconstitutional actions taken under Section 377 of the IPC.

He was born in Kafr Qasim, a town in the Nablus Governorate, Palestine. a senior career activist and spokesman in the PLO’s Executive Committee. Additionally, he is the former Chairman of the PLO Bureau of Information.

The Ideological and Theoretical Background

Since his youth, Mahmoud al-Au-Shaykh was directly involved in the ideological struggle against the Zionist entity and the

establishment of its military. On the political scene, al-Au-Shaykh strongly opposed the legitimacy of the Oslo Accords, the Camp David Accords. and the peace treaty, arguing for the ending of the Oslo process and the full implementation of the right to return and the right of return.

In his opinion, any agreement with “the one (the

Palestinians’) that we do not hold in our hearts” has no content and no value, therefore he strongly opposed the two-state solution and the recognition of Israel as a state.

He was the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine between February 2013 and February 2014.

He also played an important role in the political mobilization of the Palestinian people, their confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces, and the activation of popular mobilization in the West Bank in the Intifada’.

In his view, the struggle against the Israeli occupation is a decisive issue. he said that the measure of victory is the unity of the Palestinian people and the end of the occupation.

He is a man of his word, and his words are actions.

He made a significant political achievement as a member of the PLO Executive Committee in the political wrangling between the Abu Al-Ata and Abu Mazen factions. This achievement led to the establishment of the Joint Unified Command of the PLO.

Al-Au-Shaykh belongs to a generation of Palestinian activists from the left who were active in the establishment and the practice of the Palestinian armed struggle. He is the founder of the left organizations in the territories, which he headed at the leadership level. He was the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Islamic jihad, the Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC)