TKActions V7 Panels 📦

TKActions V7 Panels 📦


TKActions V7 Panels 📦


TKActions V7 Panels

you can download the tkactions panel v7 from the links below. you’ll need to enter your email address, and then click “buy now.” once your order is placed, you will get an email with a download link to the tkactions panel v7, and the download instructions page will also be emailed to you. you can place your order for the tkactions panel v5, which can be viewed on my website here: . 

there are multiple ways to create luminosity masks using the tkactions panels. this tutorial is meant to show some of those methods. the video tutorial series created by tony kuyper and sean bagshaw provides a great starting point for learning the basics of luminosity masks. their videos are available from their website.

the tk panel v5 can run in many different ways, and the combo module makes it very easy to mix and match modules to create panels of any size and shape. if you want to move to a new location, you simply select your panel modules, drag them to the new location, and drop them where you want them. if you want to move a module to a different location, you can just drag it around in its current position.

the tk panel v5 and the tk panel v7 are each a completely standalone application. there are no new panels or other files that need to be installed. if you want to use the panels, simply open the applications and then go to the extensions menu and select the panel you want to use. use the panel as you normally would. the panels run in photoshop cc 2014 through photoshop 2020. tk panel v7 runs in both ps cc and photoshop cc. it also allows you to edit adobe acrobat xi (pdf) files.