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AtFinger is a terrific timesaver which you will use hundreds of times a day to access your most often used folders, applications and favorite web sites.
With AtFinger you can easily define shortcuts key to access quickly to Folders, Web sites or any application.
To define a shortcut key you can use any combination with Ctrl, Alt, Shift or the extended Windows key and all others keyboard keys.
AtFinger is a tray icon application. When running, AtFinger is displayed near the Windows clock.
You can define any number of shortcuts key. Shortcuts key are available from anywhere. .
When you define a shortcut key, you can associate a short name. This short name will be added to the popup menu available from the tray icon.
At any time you can remove or change a shortcut key.
Atfinger is loaded at startup.
Shotcut keys can be paused at any time, but the target can be accessed through the tray popup menu.







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* Use any combination of Ctrl, Alt or Shift to define shortcut key.
* From anywhere you define shortcut key.
* One shortcut key can access many folders, web sites or any application.
* Any shortcut key can be quickly accessible from the tray icon popup menu.
* When shortcut key are defined, you can assign a shorter name to the shortcut key.
* You can load AtFinger Crack Keygen from any folder or file, or from the Start menu of a Windows.
* AtFinger Shortcut Key feature works with both Windows Vista and Windows 7.
* When launched from the Windows tray icon, AtFinger can be hidden and placed on top of any active application, program, or window.
* AtFinger Shortcut Key popups can be quickly hidden from the right click menu.
* Quick access to windows, applications, and documents in the tray popup menu.
* You can easily access files, web sites or any application simply through the popup menu.
* You can easily access applications through the popup menu.
* Associations between AtFinger Shortcut Key and the popup menu can be easily changed by using the menu update function.
* You can easily access folders, web sites or any application using the popup menu and AtFinger Shortcut Key.
* You can easily access files, web sites, or any application using the popup menu and AtFinger Shortcut Key.
* You can easily access your documents using the popup menu and AtFinger Shortcut Key.

AtFinger is loaded at startup. When launching AtFinger, you will be asked to choose a folder to scan for shortcut key.
AtFinger captures all shortcut key you access. They are exported in a separate.txt file in your specified folder.

AtFinger is free to install and you can keep it or re-install it at any time.


* AtFinger will be opened after it is installed.
* The shortcut key scan process can be automatically started, and it will be paused if you press CTRL+C.
* It can capture key that are equal or longer than 4 characters.
* It will return a message on failure of capture.
* It will return a message on failure of association.

Exported Keyword File Example:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\Some Keyword.txt (if you are running AtFinger under Administrator Account

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AtFinger Cracked Version is a touch screen application, that allows you to define shortcuts keys.
You can define any number of shortcuts key for any number of folders, web sites or applications.
AtFinger Free Download add a new window opens every time you launch the application.
The shortcut key is added to the popup menu.
The shortcut key popup menu is associated to any shortcut key you want.
The shortcut key is can be removed and re-defined.
AtFinger Serial Key is dedicated to the Windows Vista operating system.
AtFinger is a software solution. The solutions are available in different languages:
English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).

Community support:
Q&A Community is also available.
Report bugs and feature requests.
Frequent related news from Microsoft hotfixes and updates.

NOTICE: Microsoft and/or the Microsoft logos and other trademarks are only used to represent Microsoft products and services.

AtFinger is a Trademark of Lior Aurbach, Israel.
It is developed and distributed with Windows Vista.

New release 1.10:
Added non-system tray tray icon.
Added news icon in tray icon.
Added Welcome page.
General bug fix (part of the standard code).
Added Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

New release 1.08:
Added French translation.
Fix a bug in the translation where special characters were not properly translated.
Added support for the Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) to avoid the need of any other device.
Added Italian translation.
Added Norwegian translation.
Added Swedish translation.

New release 1.02:
Added Portuguese translation.
Added support to use a different keyboard layout.
Added support for the Turkish language.
Added support for the Polish language.
Added support for the Brazilian Portuguese language.
Added support for the Arabic language.

New release 1.00:
The problem with the case insensitive folder name was fixed, so all the shortcut keys are case insensitive.
Added the shortcut key for the send by Mail application.
Added the shortcut key for the trash can.
Added the shortcut key for the Web search start application.
The network was resetted.
Added support for the Japanese language.
Added the Chinese custom fonts.
Added a tutorial page.
Added a Help and support page

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How to at finger’s:

-How to


-What is Atfinger

-Can I delete the default shortcut key?

-About the keypad mode

-Shortcuts list


-Change short name

-How to remove a shortcut key

-Show how to

-Note AtFinger can be used to:

Why AtFinger:
– You can have a shortcut key from any key on the keyboard: Windows key, Ctrl, Alt, Shift
– You can define shortcuts any number of time
– You can define shortcuts from everywhere
– You can define shortcuts with very short name that can be changed any time you want
– You can access the shortcut to use any time, but the target is always accessible through the tray icon
– You can delete and change a shortcut any time
– It can be used by all user with different system language (if you have no personalization)
– It can be used for all application. You have only to add the script to the default path of the application.
– The script atfinger can send key on Windows key that means any shortcut key

What’s New in the?

* Tray icon of AtFinger when running, and when created when other application are running, a tooltip will be displayed near the Windows clock
* Create shortcuts key, use for access shortcuts
* Define shortcuts key and associate a short name to each key
* Define when to create the shortcut key
* For each shortcut key define the target: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Email client, or any application to be launched and at which position in the list of targets to start.
* Stored in the default location (%USERPROFILE%) in a file called AtFinger.dat

AtFinger Shortcuts
* Open the quick access panel of AtFinger, on the pop-up menu there are shortcuts available.
* New: a shortcut key may be added to the list. AtFinger will remember the last key pressed by the user, and the target will be open as soon as the user click on the ‘add shortcut’
* Exit: remove a shortcut key
* Send feedback: to define a bug report or for any comment.Q:

Python’s efficiency with large arrays

I’m new to python and I’m trying to learn a better way to approach my c++ work in python. For one of my programs, I have a bunch of arrays that are 600×200 (I think? not sure), with each number having two components of size 200. For example:


I’m trying to find the best way to compute a cartesian product of them all. This might be a simple solution, but I think it is trying to force a solution that is based on Python’s inability to efficiently work with large arrays, especially arrays that may be sparse. I was wondering if anyone knew of any ways to better approach this?


So first, a 600 x 200 matrix is 600 x 200 x 2. Given that, use numpy for large matrices and take advantage of the array broadcasting. np.cartesian is what you’re looking for.
However, you’re making this way harder than it needs to be. Take a look at this:
In [1]: c = np.arange(600)
In [2]: d = np.arange(200)
In [3]: m = np.

System Requirements For AtFinger:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: N/A
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 4 GB available space
Processor: Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT or ATI X1800
Network: Broadband Internet connection