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The Library allows TAR and GZ archives to be read and handled. It provides fast and simple TAR archive creation. It provides a single, intuitive API for both adding files to and extracting files from TAR archives, as well as support for many archive extensions. The library also provides ZIP archive support.
The library can be used from.NET languages, including VB.NET, C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET, as well as from many other languages. The API is extremely simple, and the ability to easily add support for other archives (zip, tar.gz, etc.) is a very welcome feature.Q:

How do you find the date of the year a certain year started?

I am asking this question because I need to find the date of the year, in which a certain year started. For example, if the year 1992 started, how do I find the day, in which the year 1992 started?


How do you find the day of the year of a certain date?

Use calendar.isleap(calendar.datetime(year, mnth, day)) for that.

The cast of anime “Kantai Collection” at the Tokyo Comic Con in October. / AFP / TORU YAMANAKA

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TOKYO (Reuters) – “Kantai Collection”, a hit Japanese manga series that centres on a fleet of historic warships battling the Imperial Japanese Navy, has set a record for the fastest-selling comics book in the country.

“Kantai Collection” shot to popularity after it was released in April, allowing readers to follow a cast of warships and aircraft in the Pacific in the 1930s as they face the Japanese Empire. The series was made into an anime television series in April that has attracted over 22 million viewers.

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SharpTar Crack [Win/Mac]

After installation, the user is asked if they want to configure SharpTar Crack Mac or not.
If the user chooses to go with the configuration option, they need to define keys. The keys are the following:
After the user has defined the desired key, they need to tell SharpTar how to handle this file. In the case of.txt files, it will open them.
After the user has defined a directory to use, they need to tell SharpTar how to handle the files within it.
After the user has defined an application to launch, they need to tell SharpTar how to handle this application. This key is used for EXE files.
This key is used for files that should be extracted.
This key is used for files that should be saved to the application.
The SharpTar library should be included in the project file. This will enable users to open TAR files and open them up.
The SharpTar executable should be included in the project file. This will enable users to extract TAR archives.
The SharpTar DLL should be included in the project file. This will enable users to open and create TAR archives.
The SharpTar config file should be included in the project file. This file will make SharpTar open up and create TAR archives.
The SharpTar exe config file should be included in the project file. This file will enable users to extract archives.
The SharpTar dll config file should be included in the project file. This file will enable users to open and create TAR archives.
The SharpTar help file should be included in the project file. This file will enable users to read help information.
SharpTar works with various projects types. The type of project that the user defines within the project file is extremely important.
SharpTar will create either an EXE project file, a DLL project file, or a WinHelp project file.
The WinHelp project file contains information regarding the contents of the Help file.
The EXE project file is a standard project file. It has a folder for the executable file and a folder for the Help file.
The DLL project file is

SharpTar [Mac/Win]

SharpTar Library provides user with easy to use interface to create, extract or open TAR files.
Key features:
Extract tar files to the default folder
Extract and extract from zip files
Create and modify TAR archives
Add files to TAR archives
Main advantages of SharpTar:
Very easy-to-use application
Intuitive interface for all kinds of users
Very small size – only 5 MB
Suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS
Very small and fast – extracts about 10-20 files from archive in just a few seconds
Simple to use:
Create and extract TAR files
Extract archive to the default folder
Extract from zip files

SharpLicensing Library provides you with the capability to work with licensing data in a database. You can create, manage and query all your licensing data in a single database. SharpLicensing helps you extend the functionalities of your applications by providing a complete framework for management and analysis of licenses.

SharpProxy Library provides you with a high-performance transparent HTTP proxy (or gateway) that efficiently supports multiple protocols, including http, https, ftp, etc. You can easily and quickly build a proxy server that can work behind a firewall or NAT device. In addition to native Java code, SharpProxy also provides.NET code, as well as.NET console applications.

SharpWebBrowser lets you use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You can make standard web site requests, send cookies to the browser, control and modify the location bar, etc. You can now safely and easily load and navigate websites in a safe manner and let the browser to do all the work.

SharpWebRequest can be used to make standard web requests, such as login, registration, browsing, etc. It can also be used to make POST, PUT, and DELETE requests. There are several methods to make standard web requests and the response can be returned as a string, a string builder, a serialized object or a DataReader.

SharpScript provides the ability to run custom JavaScript within your.NET applications. You can use JavaScript to write AJAX-based Web services, dynamic content generation, security, UI, etc. It is the perfect solution to create dynamic web applications.

SharpWebService client library enables you to create RESTful web services with.NET clients. You can send HTTP requests and get the results as XML or JSON, which

What’s New In SharpTar?

SharpTar is a set of managed code libraries written in.NET and COM wrapper DLLs that provide the users with a very easy-to-use way of handling their TAR files within their applications.


It sounds like you already have an object of a type that represents a TAR file.
You can do this:
var tarFile = new TarFile(“c:\temp\test.tar”);

// you can work with the tarFile object


From the MSDN docs:

public class TarFile

Represents a TarArchive



Name Value

Count The count of the entries in the archive.
Entry The list of entries in the archive.

Example Code
using System;
using System.IO;
using SharpTAR;

namespace SharpTAR
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
string[] files = { “\\File.txt”, “\\Folder\\File.txt” };

var tarFile = new TarFile(“c:\\temp\\test.tar”);

foreach (var file in files)



In Safari, when clicking on a link, it doesn’t work

I have the following javascript:
$(“.d2 a”).on(“click”, function(event){

and it works great in Chrome, but in Safari, clicking on the link doesn’t do anything. Is there some sort of workaround?


A more direct way of achieving this would be:
$(“.d2 a”).on(“click”, function(event){

$(“d2 a”).on(“click”, function(event){

System Requirements:

Windows®: XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, or 10.
Mac: 10.6.8 or higher
Android: Android 1.6 and above
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