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Speroni, who played 35 times for the national side, has been under consideration by Gareth Southgate to take up the role of goalkeeping coach for the next four years, having been told in the summer that he will be leaving his post with the Football Association. Southgate’s first choice to take over is Marinus Dijkhuizen, but Speroni remains the clear frontrunner and appears to have a good chance of accepting the appointment.

“I believe Julian was by far the best goalkeeper England ever had,” Parish told the BBC. “He is obviously our past and we are very sad to see him leave. He is a really good person and I have no issue with him working as a coach. He is a fantastic goalkeeper and a very good man. I have seen him do his work with Junior England. The best thing for us would be to see him back here at Crystal Palace and succeed where he has failed.”

When Speroni returned to a Premier League club in the summer, he spent the first few weeks of pre-season as a guest player in the Youth Team, while he had an eight-week break from the club before the season. At the start of January he asked to be released to be able to play for an Italian club in the second division, and subsequently he was released by a judge on an injunction order, before he came back to the club and played for the


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Is it acceptable to find a part-time employment to stay on campus?

I’m currently a graduate student in England, I am at a university that has a reasonably cheap cost of living. I want to be closer to the research of some of the professors so I am looking for a part-time job around the university.
I’m in a bit of a situation where I don’t want to get a full-time job, but I really want to stay near the place I am studying and my research.
My question is: Is it unacceptable for a graduate student to get a part-time job near the university that is unskilled and that doesn’t require much effort or time?


I do not think it’s acceptable, especially as an English student in the US.
Your situation, then, is probably that you have options. You could