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$\sigma$-tiled sets

Throughout this note, $K$ is a compact metric space, $f: K\to K$ and $K^n$ denotes the product space.
In previous note we defined sets of covers of compact metric space $K$ which are called $\sigma$-tiled, and $\sigma(K,f)$ denotes the collection of all such sets.

A collection of compact sets ${\mathcal{A}}\subseteq K^n$ is called a $\sigma$-tiled set if there exists a function $g:K\to K$ and an open cover $\{U_i\}_{i\in I}$ of $K$ such that
\{g^{ -1}(U_i)\}_{i\in I} \subseteq {\mathcal{A}}\tag{1}.
Equivalently, $\sigma(K,f)$ is the smallest collection $\{\{U_i\}_{i\in I}\}_{i\in I}$ of open covers of $K$ containing $\{g^{ -1}(U_i)\}_{i\in I}$ which is closed under refinement, i.e., $\{W_i\}_{