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Bioclipse project is aimed at creating a Java-based, open source, visual platform for chemo- and bioinformatics.
Bioclipse, as any RCP application, is based on a plugin architecture that inherits basic functionality and visual interfaces from Eclipse, such as help system, software updates, preferences, cross-platform deployment etc.
Bioclipse is an applicatiin that provides functionality for chemo- and bioinformatics, and extension points which could be easily extended by plugins to provide added functionality.







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Bioclipse is a powerful and interactive visual platform for chemo- and bioinformatics.
Bioclipse provides the infrastructure to efficiently handle the complex data structures which are common in the chemical and bioinformatics domains, such as graphs, trees, lists and big data.
Bioclipse helps you to analyze large amounts of data quickly, as well as work on large data sets efficiently.
Bioclipse itself is designed to be friendly to both beginners and experts.
Bioclipse is a platform of new concepts, easy to learn, but can be used for any kind of project, from a school project to pharmaceutical research.
Solutions to solve specific problems:
Bioclipse is designed to be used as a powerful and interactive analytical platform and to provide a full set of features for protein sequence comparison.
It is, however, also designed to be easily extended to provide other functionality.
A simple code example:

start eb
start ep
add sm

vis a table showing molecules
make a table of size of 10
update it as follows

make a tree view
add a new node
add a new branch

use the typical data structures such as graphs, trees, lists, etc.
The primary goal of the project is to provide an interactive visual environment to enable biologists to perform various bioinformatic tasks on their data.
This includes all tasks from aligning sequences to comparing several variants of proteins to finding modules present in a large database.
In addition, it includes extracting information, data processing, and analyzing sequence data such as the creation of phylogenetic trees and models.
The aim of the project is to be used by researchers from all scientific domains, ranging from school projects to pharmaceutical research.

The use of this project would require a “one time” payment. Bioclipse is under continuous development and the price might go up in the future.

For more information about Bioclipse and its goals, see the main article about Bioclipse.

Note that the concepts behind Bioclipse go beyond the scope of a RCP application. Since Java technologies have been introduced to the chemistry domain, it is more and more possible to develop open source projects and tools which work as a plug-in to any EDA software.

We are currently accepting both new and old submissions to this project.
This project is currently active.

Project Votes:


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## About Bioplot

Bioplot is a plugin that generates images from chemical structures. It currently includes several
export functions, like Jmol with 6 different output options, pymol, mdel, and rxns.
It has a mechanism to connect to external services like OpenBabel, OpenEye, and others.
It is based on the
[Jmol plugin]( by Martin Landa.


Application to perform chemo- and bioinformatics operations. It has a plug-in-based architecture that allows to write plugins to provide application functionality not covered by the core application. The application can also be extended by plugins or “applets” written in Java and can be deployed across platforms.
Bioclipse has various views to provide functionality to perform different tasks. It has various panels to control the workflow, database operations, experimental features, search and visualization, specification of input and output files, etc.
Applications of Bioclipse:

The various plugins could be used in a variety of ways to perform different tasks.
Extended high-level interfaces:

The high-level interfaces can be extended. A generic system to perform operations using such interfaces could be built up using Java and the plugin API.
A number of different high-level interfaces could be built, on the basis of functionality provided by existing plugins. For example, one could envision to provide menu entries from the main menu.
Low-level Java-based interfaces:

Some parts of the functionality could be provided in Java. In some cases this may require the application development to be done on top of Java.
A scripting language could be used to create plugins which could in turn be used to control the application and perform needed operations.


Biojava is a Java API to access and manipulate biological data. It is organized in a collection of packages, each one containing java classes covering specific needs. Biojava has a standard format for representing data.
Biojava classes are easy to use and extremely intuitive. All classes use an object model which is based on what was described in the W3C standard DOM.
All classes are located in a standard directory structure where all files from a particular package are placed. This package structure is a strict convention, compatible with the major java language and library implementations.
Biojava modules can be extended using the declarative mechanism implemented in the Biojava language. In the Biojava language, the class declaration marks an xml-like element. Classes can be referenced in this language by using the Fully Qualified Class Name (in-line or embedded). Java class and interface declarations are also supported.

Biojava API:

Biojava is a Java API to access and manipulate biological data. It is organized in a collection of packages, each one containing java classes covering specific needs.
Biojava classes are easy to use and extremely intuitive. All classes

What’s New In?

Bioclipse is an open source visual platform for chemo- and bioinformatics. It has an intuitive graphical user interface, supporting a broad range of chemo- and bioinformatics tools, including workflows.
Bioclipse is based on the Eclipse Platform which provides a set of tools and libraries to develop an application, and to allow extensibility of the application.
Bioclipse is a set of open source plugins, which work together to provide tools to support chemo- and bioinformatics.
Bioclipse Workflow Management:
Bioclipse provides a workflow management tool that can create, manage, visualize and execute workflows based on BioMiner workflow patterns. It allows users to create complex workflows, and to manage, execute, debug and visualize them in various ways.
The support for the workflows includes: creation and editing of workflows, creation of, execution, feedback and result analysis.
Bioclipse Biomedical Workflow Management:
Bioclipse provides a set of tools that support the creation of biomedical workflows. Users can create their own “patterns” for creating workflows based on some pre-defined elements (feature extractors, algorithms, workflows for univariate/multivariate machine learning algorithms, gene set enrichment analysis etc.).
The workflow engine provides support for workflow creation, management, visualization, execution, feedback and results analysis.
Bioclipse Data Model:
Bioclipse supports a wide range of data types. It can import and export data from and to many data formats, including XML, CSV, Excel, various text formats, PSI format, RDF, and SQLite. It can also accept uploaded data from third-party servers.
The advantages of working with Bioclipse are:
* The broad functionality of the software, including the ability to edit data, execute data preprocessing pipelines, create workflow patterns, execute workflows, visualize and export results
* Beautiful GUI design, for workflows creation and visualization
* The ability to handle large datasets
* The tools for development and deployment
* The ability to work with various data sources
* Zero code changes are necessary for adding new functionality
* Workflows are easy to create, manage and execute
Bioclipse Themes:
Bioclipse comes with a set of themes that provides the same look and feel, with different colors and fonts.


System Requirements For Bioclipse:

PC Settings:
Windows 7 / 8.1
64-bit Windows OS
1 GHz Processor
DirectX 11
How to Play:
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