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Chatting Crack Activation Code [Win/Mac]


Chatting is as the name suggests a simple, Java based application that will help you chat with your friends. The tool is designed with few graphics for displaying connection and the chatting server has mutual power not as client and server model.







Chatting Crack + With License Key

Chatting Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a simple Java application for Chatting Activation Code with your friends through computers via TCP/IP socket communication.
What is a TCP/IP socket?
A TCP/IP socket is a pair of socket communications or connection between the computers connected to each other with Ethernet or Rj45 cable.
How to install and use Chatting Product Key?
After downloading Chatting from the below link you can install it on your windows XP, 7, or 8 operating system. Use the archive files to install.
DATEbase.jar is required to successfully install chat.
Once installed, run Chatting and there you will be given the option to register your account or not, you can just login as guest to check out chat features.
You can chat with your friends and send and receive messages and files.
Let’s look at the important features that it offers.
Chatting Chatting Features

How it works?

You create a chat with any other person or group of people in the chat window.

Sending messages

Recieving messages

How to find friends?

You can find friends from the list of registered users or invite new friends. You can also find friends from any nearby computers.

Chatting Login

Enter your username and password in the fields provided in the login screen. Login with your username and password to start chatting.

Single user chat mode

In this mode, only the host can chat and can send and receive messages from other registered users. The host gets listed as ‘Active’ in the list of users and the other users get listed as ‘Invited’.

Multi user chat mode

You can chat with other users by being invited by them. Once the other user accepts the invite, his/her icon will be listed as ‘Online’ and you can chat with him/her as long as both you are online.

Chatting Invite

You can invite friends to the chat by using the chat window and by sending them a message, you can add a friend by clicking on the green plus button.

Chatting Wall

You can search for friends by clicking on the search button and you can send a message to all of the search results by clicking the send a message button. You can also add your friends from this list by clicking on the green plus button.

Chatting File sharing

You can send files to your friends by clicking on the menu and


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If you want to chat with your friends on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter and chat with friends privately through text messaging, then ICQ Chat is the application for you.
This application is designed to help you communicate with friends and family in ICQ, the commonly used peer to peer and instant messaging software service.
ICQ Chat Features:
If you open ICQ Chat you will be presented with the following options:

An ICO Chat Client, as the name suggests, is a client of the ICO (ICQ) Chat service. The name “Client” is used in the same way as “Windows” and “Linux” in connection with the implementation of this application. This application is an application which may be called “Ver1.1” of the Ver1.2 Java/Eclipse plug-in.
The names of the application source and development team of the applications of the support of the…

ChatRoomWeb is a sophisticated application that can be used for chatting, gaming and many other types of activities. It has many features that can be easily found in a good quality application. Feel free to use them to have an improved experience.
ChatRoomWeb Features
Chatting system
ChatRoomWeb has a chat option which allows you to chat with your friends or people you interact with, using different chat protocols such as IRC,…

WittyXChat has been developed as an easy to use interface, which has a simple design. It is available in two languages; English and Chinese.
Features of WittyXChat
The most important feature of WittyXChat is that it is a freeware application. There are no registration requests or pop-up dialog boxes. Additionally, it allows users to view their messages in the form of a colored message window, which is not…

AJGA-Chat is a Chat Client for the well-known AOL Instant Messenger Protocol. It supports sending and receiving messages from all AOL servers.
AJGA-Chat Features
The application is available in two versions: LGPL and proprietary. The proprietary version costs €0.50 and you can install it by making a USB flash drive and

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There are no development versions of Chatting for now.


Chatting for now supports only the Java platform. However, the developers are working on supporting other platforms too.

Installation Guide

It is a ready to use application, so after installation you can start chatting with friends.FYI…

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What’s New In Chatting?

1. Chatting tool is a light weight Java based application that enables you to chat with your friends. It provides a simple mode to view friend list, Add friend, chat, give friend status and create chat rooms. It also tracks the friend status as offline and online
2. If you don’t already have one, you can easily create a friend list and start chatting with your friends by using it.
3. It is a peer to peer chat server tool, you can either configure the server to be a client/server type, you can also start it as client/client mode. It gives you the power to choose the way you want to configure it.
4. When you configure the tool, there will be a provision for creating different chat rooms and invite your friends to that room.
5. The application is present in two language versions (English and Hindi) and is very easy to use.
6. Chatting application is also integrated with Facebook, Twitter and email.
Chatting has the following features:
1. Chatting tool can be configured as client/server or peer to peer (server) type.
2. If you want to follow any activities then can easily do that by using the tool.
3. You can start the tool as client/client type or as server/client type.
4. You can create chat rooms and invite your friends to chat with you.
5. It is a very light weight application.
6. You can choose the language version as desired.
7. If you don’t want to have your friend list on the website of the application then you can make it as download only. You can download the full application with the friend list and user information of the chat room.
8. It can be downloaded as shareware in the form of zip files. You can easily download the shareware.
9. You can give the license key required for free by paying the given amount through PayPal.
10. When you download the shareware from the website, you can either install it in your computer or can use the installation wizard to install the application.

If you choose to make your friend list and activity summary a download only, you can also view the summary of those friends to whom you sent the invitation.

How to install
1. The application can be downloaded as zip file
2. If you already have Java installed in your computer, then you can extract the zip file.
3. You can use the executable

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (64-bit edition only)
Processor: 1.8 GHz dual-core processor or faster
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 3000 or AMD HD 4000, OpenGL 2.0, 512 MB of video RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
DirectX: Version 10 or 11.0 required for HDCP and Controller support
Additional: USB 3.0, HDMI, high-bandwidth (