Flashtool Drivers 1.0.1 Free ((FREE)) ☝🏿

Flashtool Drivers 1.0.1 Free ((FREE)) ☝🏿


Flashtool Drivers 1.0.1 Free ((FREE)) ☝🏿


Flashtool Drivers 1.0.1 Free

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Dynamically adjusting the height of a ScrollView

I have an activity with a ScrollView, my view contains a RecyclerView with 2 items. On 2 different screens in the app (models) I want the ScrollView to shrink / grow as I navigate between these 2 screens.
The first screen has a RecyclerView of height 400dp. When I move to the next screen which has a RecyclerView of height 200dp, I would like to be able to scroll in both cases.
My problem is that the ScrollView for the second screen is already at the screen height, I need to be able to shrink / grow it to match the other screen height.
I was looking to find a way to have a layout like this:

// top row

// bottom row

// top row
// bottom row

The problem is that I cannot create Views dynamically.
I tried using a variable ViewGroup and set it as a child of a ScrollView, but it doesn’t seem to work as I cannot scroll in that case.


Solved it by defining a constant which I use to create my main LinearLayout and that gets passed to my View


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