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Ip Man 2 Tagalog Version Full Movie

The Ip Man movies are historically arranged, but if you want to do a chronological view (or it’s your first time watching the Ip Man movies), you have to watch them in the right order. Ip Man 1 (1965) is the story of Wing Chun Master and his disciple, and they must thwart a plot that threatens their well-being. Ip Man 2 (1986) is about Master Ip’s son and his apprentices. Ip Man 3 (2008) is about his grandson and his son-in-law.

Ip Man 2 and Ip Man 3 reveal Ip Mans talents as a film director, and in Ip Man 2, he assembles an impressive team of Asian actors to portray his family and tutors. Jet Li (The One), Yuen Biao (The Protector), Anthony Wong (The Myth), Donnie Yen (Romeo), Michelle Yeoh (The Alligator), and Gordon Liu (Black Eagle) all appear in this movie. Although they all portray important characters, Li gets the most playing space onscreen, helping to make the movie the enjoyable flick that it is.

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Compared to the usual dumb good-guys and evil bad-guys tropes, Uyama’s status as a villain in the Twister is the most interesting. The love story in that movie is pretty forgettable, but Uyama seems like an interesting character. I wanted to know more about his motivations and history.

Ip Man 2 sets up the same old problem for most of the movie: how to entertain the audience without being overly simplistic. Is it just wrong to say that is way more fun to watch these guys in action than an origin story? Isn’t it time to move on to bigger and better things? Ip Man 2 finally answers that question with a twist ending that feels more rooted in the movie’s premise and the story it’s telling. It’s a fitting conclusion to a movie that has a great amount of heart, is ridiculously entertaining, and makes me want to know more about Ip Man.
The first Ip Man movie (1965) was a tale of a family man who is inspired to learn kung fu after befriending a Shaolin monk (Wong Chang). Ip Man 2 (1986) is the story of his son (Jet Li) and his apprentices (Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao) as they pass on the family kung fu style to a new generation. Ip Man 3 (2008) is a spin-off of the first two and shows the family clan continuing to master their skills as they search for their hidden island home in Hong Kong where their ancestors studied.
The martial art styles and hero of Ip Man cannot be found all in one film. Even if the Ip Man series was the star of a movie, that doesn’t make the movie a classic martial-arts. I’ve listed here only the films that have characters who study the martial art styles of Ip Man. There are Ip Man movies that feature Ip Man, but they are Kung Fu movies that are too loosely based on his life.
Most of the Ip Man movies have one thing in common: the style of fighting system used is kung fu. Kung fu is a hybrid martial art that drew from several styles, but all variations share the idea of employing weapons to attack. Kung fu is the most popular style in Asia and Ip Man was one of its pioneers. The best Ip Man films are those that feature kung fu and these must be watched in order to appreciate the best of the martial art. Some of the Ip Man movies are kung fu-influenced, but they feature non-traditional forms of kung fu like Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and a style later given the name San Da (or San Dim Mak).