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Think of layers and transparency like a positive/negative photo. Layers are like the photo film, which allows you to focus the picture on a specific area of the frame. When you create a layer, you’re telling Photoshop that it should be focused only on the layer, which, in this case, would be black. Transparency is like the way you would focus a picture or the opacity of a layer, which would be the same as the frame in the photo.

* Filters and masks: Adobe Photoshop provides many different filters and effects that you can apply to an image (see Figure 15-2). A filter is a technical term for a preset, or algorithm, that applies a specific filter type

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The user interface is organized by toolbox, which is normally accessed by opening the image, and then right-clicking to choose the tool, rather than by opening the various tool preferences at the top of the window.

There is no dedicated magnifying glass icon on top of the image. However, you can still enable the Snap to Grid option to magnify the image for more precise actions.

A tool is added to the toolbox whenever you open the image. Photoshop Elements has 60+ tools:

Adobe Photoshop Elements

If you’re a beginner, you can start with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Learn how to edit images and add effects in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Learn how to edit images and add effects in Photoshop Elements Learn how to edit images and add effects in Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop is an advanced version of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It is the basis for many graphic design and photo editing software applications. It has far more features than Adobe Photoshop Elements. In a way, this version is similar to Microsoft Office Word.

You can import image files directly from a camera, scanning device or memory card. You can open Photoshop using several file formats: JPG, JPG-8, and GIF, and Photoshop supports almost all image editing methods.

The Quick Edit workflow in Photoshop is suitable for beginners. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can use it as the basic tools.

Photoshop Elements does not support the following features:

Adobe Photoshop: Artboards, layers, layers editing.

Action (online and offline).

Audio processing (such as audio waveforms, dynamic range adjustment).

Filter (including noise removal, blur effect, ripple, Gaussian blur).

Smart filters (including Lens Correction).

Smart objects (or any function of Smart Objects in Photoshop).

To use Photoshop Elements: Start with elements: Artboards, layers, layers editing.

Then get yourself familiar with the features of Photoshop Elements, which is similar to Photoshop, but simpler. Learn how to use the toolbox in Photoshop Elements.

Learn how to use the toolbox in Photoshop Elements Learn how to use the toolbox in Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a simple and powerful way to edit photos and create images for social media, blogging, and the web.

You can use this version to edit, create, and share images

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