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The association between dental caries and behavioral and mental development in mentally retarded children has not been studied comprehensively. A previous study from the main Danish psychiatric institution for mentally retarded children did not identify an association between the treatment need and the behavioral or mental development, although the study did not address the degree of treatment need. The present retrospective study comprised of 544 (474 boys and 70 girls) children born in 1987-1988 with a mean age of 8 years at the time of the study. The treatment need was recorded according to criteria established in the DSM-IV TR for autism, attention deficit disorder and mental retardation. The sum of the dmft index was used to estimate the caries experience, and the decayed component of the index (dmfs) was used as a measurement of the caries level. The total prevalence of caries was 34%. The dmfs was 2.35 (median, 1), and it was higher among boys. The dmfs was correlated with the severity of mental retardation (r = 0.29, p Miguel Tovar

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Now, it seems to be working.
And now I will try to reboot it.


I’m using an OS X Intel Mac Mini with EFI Secure Boot enabled. I created a VM to install Windows 10 on, and verified that the serial key works on this VM.
I’m seeing this from the comments on your question, but your question may be a little more general than it should be.
What I found is that you’ve likely installed an OS X version that either used a different Security ID (the one it was using to flash, or whatever) or the product version was outdated. As mentioned in the comments, Apple sometimes removes the serial number from the product version, so if there’s a newer version it probably didn’t find the serial number there.
I’m making some assumptions here, so please clarify if I’m wrong on any of this. But I’m fairly confident that I’m right on all points, and at the very least it’s worth a try.
I would follow the instructions on How do I verify that my install media is a complete and valid copy? and that you get the correct serial number when you run
csrutil status

and that you’re booting into the correct version of the OS.
I would also download the latest version of Clover and install that if you’re not already using it.
If you want to install on a partition other than the EFI System Partition, you should take a look at the section titled “What you can do with Bootable USB Flash Drives” in the Mac OS X Installation Guide.
If you’ve a look in the comments, you’ll also find a comment from a user with a similar issue. It seems to have gone away on its own, but it’s worth a try if you get stuck again.

Syria’s civil war: No end in sight to bloodshed Published duration 14 December 2014 Related Topics Syrian civil war

image copyright AFP image caption Human rights groups say thousands of civilians have been killed in recent months

International efforts to find a solution to the war in Syria have failed, the UN has said.

Officials have warned that the situation is deteriorating, as the US-led coalition and Russian forces have stepped up military operations.

Almost 600 people have been killed in less than three days in separate incidents around Aleppo, Human Rights Watch said.

Doctors in Syria said Syrian medical staff were “nursing children in basements” because of the lack