WinAlign 9.2 2009 |WORK|

WinAlign 9.2 2009 |WORK|


WinAlign 9.2 2009 |WORK|

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WinAlign 9.2 2009

in the next few sections, i will explain how you can use winalign to align the matching segments from the document in the translation memory. first, i will show you how to select the target file in the translation memory. then, i will explain how you can align the content. finally, i will explain how to use the contents of the translation memory to create the entries in the translation memory.

once the alignment process is complete, an icon for the winalign program will appear on the start menu. select it and the program will launch. the program will now be in alignment mode. winalign can be configured to align up to 10 different microsoft office programs, or an individual program as well. this includes ms office 97 for windows 95, ms office 2000 for windows 95 and 98, and ms office xp for windows xp. you can also align programs such as autocad or other graphics, spreadsheet, or database programs that use the same office file formats. the configuration is controlled from a menu on the start menu as shown in figure b.

to exit winalign, click on the tools menu and select exit. to change the options for winalign, click on the options menu and select settings. you will then be able to specify the options that you wish to use when aligning individual applications. you can also configure the alignment process.

ive also encountered a few application programs that have an icon for the winalign application on their start menu, but when i click on the icon, the program will not launch. i suggest that you launch winalign from the start menu and then click on the programs menu and select the icon for the winalign application. the program will then launch and align that version of the software.

after the alignment is complete, you can have winalign automatically measure and align the other files in your project. to do this, firstly, you should select the align button, and then specify the region of alignment. the initial alignment is done using the default settings, and then you can modify these settings using the general tab.
when you install winalign, a new icon is placed on your desktop which will allow you to access the program at any time. the familiar icon looks like a small map with the magnet symbol in the center. to access the program, click on the icon and select “run” from the menu. you may also start winalign by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop.
there is one important piece of information that is always presented when you use winalign. it reads, “this application has been updated to winalign 9.2. please read the windows software update readme file for instructions on how to obtain the latest updates for winalign.”
as i began using winalign, i was pleasantly surprised that the optimization process was really fast. in fact, the first time i used winalign, i was surprised that it did not hang or crash during the alignment process. i was also surprised that the alignment process took only a couple of minutes, although the alignment did take longer than with previous versions of the program. once the alignment was complete, the final report was also very impressive. it was not only complete but displayed a wonderful balance of all the measured data for both front and rear axles on the vehicle. with this information displayed in a customizable format, i was able to customize the final report to my liking. i saved the report to my desktop so that i could copy it to word, excel or powerpoint for an immediate review.