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WinHex Overview
WinHex is a powerful utility for Windows users. You can use this Windows file viewer to view and edit various file types such as:














etc. In addition, you can use the Windows file viewer to edit file attributes and change file time, as well as calculate file hashes and checksums.
What’s New:

Version 4.8.4

Support Windows 10 (1709)
System Requirements:
Windows Operating System

I have not tested file chooser before, I just used it to open the files I want to edit in the WinHex app.
A prominent feature of WinHex is that it allows you to view and edit the different file types, binary files, text files, and more, and in each case it will display the original file attributes, in which you will be able to recover the original file or obtain the original file size.
The application also supports memory editing, so you can use this tool to view physical RAM and the virtual memory in the process. Moreover, the app can be used to calculate the file hashes and checksums of files, so you can be sure that the file is not modified from its original.
Finally, you can use WinHex to convert the files between different character standards.

Support all the common file system types

Hex editor has a unique feature that allows you to calculate checksum and hash of the files

In addition to viewing files, the application also allows you to open them, which results in an annoying pop-up in the form of an alert that needs to be dismissed
Overall, WinHex is an easy-to-use application that I highly recommend to both Windows and Mac users. It includes a handy hex editor that allows you to view files’ data, which is a very useful feature. However, it is a pity that the file chooser brings up annoying pop-up alerts that require you to dismiss them.

My Review:

I have not tested file chooser before, I just used it

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The application is a simple and powerful tool for viewing and editing binary files in Windows. Specifically, the tool lets you browse and open files from your computer, open files from removable and network drives, view files and RAM in the RAM editor, files and access foreign archives, and much more.
The app is one of the best alternatives to the default text editors in Windows. You can open files, edit them, and print them. In addition, you can import and export files with the.rtf,.txt and.xml formats. Of course, the program can convert files between all the popular character standards, including ASCII, Unicode and ANSI. You can also launch and save files in file formats such as.cdb,.mdb,.xls,.doc,.ppt,.exe,.rar,.ISO,.zip,.txt,.jpg,.gif,.jpeg,.pdf,.avi,.mpg,.mp4,.rm,.mov,.mp3,.mp2,.wma,.wma,.webm,.wma,.wmv,.wmx,.wmv,.fla,.flv,.swf,.mkv,.mov,.avi,.mkv,.wmv,.m2v,.mov,.mkv,.webm,.wma,.mp3,.mp2,.mp4,.m4a,.mid,.midi,.aiff,.ram,.aes,.bas,.bak,.bin,.bkf,.bz2,.cab,.cbr,.cbz,.dd,.dmg,.dpg,.dps,.ecf,.elc,.eml,.epub,.esd,.exe,.fla,.fse,.gif,.gz,.hqx,.htm,.html,.jar,.lha,.lzh,.lzs,.lzo,.lzw,.lz,.lzo,.lz,.lz,.lzma,.lz,.lz,.m3u,.m3u,.m3u8,.m4v,.m4b,.m

WinHex Crack (Final 2022)

WinHex is a compact file browser and hex editor that lets you navigate the file system quickly and easily.
WinHex aims to be a lightweight tool, which means that it is fast and has fewer features compared to other hex editors. Still, it can come in handy in certain cases since it has a RAM editor, standard character display, file system viewing and hash calculator.


Windows Explorer-like view

RAM editor and view

Binary data viewing

Hex editor and view

Traditional file system support

Read, write and modify files

Open and save files

Import and export data

File encryption support

Hash calculator

Find and replace data

Tips & Tricks:


Locate the file in the file system

Windows folder

View various file system details

Fix drive or volume corruption

View RAM

View created and deleted files

View a Windows certificate

View files on Virtualbox

View files on Mac

Stop file

Hex editor

View and edit the physical RAM data

View and edit the virtual memory

Open Windows Registry

Configure program

RAM editor and view

Implement the RAM editor

NTFS view

NTFS tools:

Viewing permissions

File system catalog (FAT)

View FAT12/FAT16/exFAT

View FAT32

View NTFS (NT, FAT32, exFAT, exFAT32)


View UDF (UDF-FS, UDF 1.5/2.1)

View ISO-9660, Joliet and Rock Ridge



View Unicode (UTF-16, UTF-32)

View UTF-8


View Novell NetWare (NLF, GSS, TAA, DAA, QPF)


What’s New in the?

You may encounter your documents being written to or deleted from your hard drive in some mysterious manner. Whether the hard disk was infected with a virus that only gives access to the users, or if you mistakenly deleted the target file, you will need to recover it. Luckily, there are tools to help you with this task.

You need to know where the file is saved in order to find it. In addition, you will need to know the right tool to handle the file. WinHex is a great choice to perform this task. Here are some of the features that this application is known for:

– File recovery

To start with, we will deal with some easy cases. For instance, let’s say you accidentally deleted a file and you need to bring it back. In this case, the easiest way is to use the search and retrieve function in WinHex.

Simply type the name of the file to be recovered and the tool will display all the files that contain that name. Then you can select the file that you want to recover.

If you are the administrator of the hard disk, you can even use File Explorer to list all the files present on the hard drive. You can then select any one of the files to perform the recovery.

– Registry access

One of the things that you might need to do during the recovery process is to access the Windows registry. This is because in some cases a particular access key could prevent the recovery of the deleted file.

The way to access the Windows registry in WinHex is the same as in other Windows applications. To find the location, type regedit in the search and the tool will take you to the editor.

The same technique is used for backing up your registry. You can use the Restore function in this case to restore the registry with your backup.

– RAM editing

While you are recovering your files, it would be good to know exactly what exactly is in your RAM. Most of the time, people have multiple applications running in the RAM.

Most people use the Task Manager to see what is running, but in this case, you need to explore the actual RAM memory.

Go into the toolbar and select the RAM option. Once you are there, go to the Browse RAM option and select the drive letter of the file.

Once that is done, all the information stored in the file is displayed in the right-hand pane. You can even go

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.8 GHz
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 1 GB or AMD Radeon HD 2800
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 800 MB available space
Additional Notes:
The game may not run properly if you run into problems or have an older computer.
On the launch of the program,